August 2014

Blair International Horse Trials August 2014

At the end of August we traveled to Blair Castle to compete in the NPS M&M Lead rein. Above is Strocherie Ennya, rider Jade Roberts aged 6 & myself pictured in front of Blair Castle. 19 in M&M Lead Rein class, not placed in top 6, but came home with 2 lovely finalist rosettes. More pictures on our facebook page.


OAS County Show 2014 Results Judge - Mr K Scott

Wells Perrier 12yr old Mare – 1st Yeld Mare Class

Hools Janet 1yr old Filly – 1st Yearling Filly Class

Hools Rising High 4yr old Stallion – 1st Stallion Class, Best Pony Bred by Exhibitor & Best Opposite Sex to Champion

Hools Major High old Gelding with rider Elin – 1st Ridden Class

Stocherie Ennya 9yr old Mare with rider Jade – 2nd Lead Rein Class

Cup for Best Pairs Hools Rising High & Wells Perrier

Reserve Cup for Best Group of 3 Exhibitor Bred Hools Rising High, Hools Major High & Hools Janet

Thanks to Mandy, Kerry, Jade & Elin for their help & hard work.


East Mainland Agricultural Show 2014 Results - Judge - Mrs Jem Roberts

Hools Rising High 4yr old Stallion
Hools Janet Yearling Filly

Hools Rising High – Stallion – 1st Stallion Class & Reserve Champion

Hools Major High – Gelding – 1st Gelding Class & Best Gelding

Merkisayre Poppy – Mare – 2nd Yeld Mare class

Hools Janet – 1yr old filly – 1st 1yr old class & Junior Champion

Hools Royal Revelation – 3yr old colt – 2nd 3yr old class

Hools Angelina – 3yr old filly – 3rd 3yr old class

Merkisayre Be-Bo – Mare – 2nd Mare with foal class

Hools Beautiful – Filly Foal – 2nd Foal

Stocherie Ennya with rider Layla – 2nd Lead Rein

Hools Major High with rider Elin – 1st Ridden class

Strocherie Ennya with handler Orla Tait – 1st in Young Handler class

Hools Rising High & Hools Janet – Best Pair Bred by Exhibitor

Big thanks to Mandy, Alannah, Orla & Elin for all their help.

June 2014

Orkney Riding Club Show

Great day at the Orkney Riding Club Show on Saturday 7th June. Strocherie Ennya, ridden by Jade Roberts aged 7 & handler Mandy Cromarty did really well. They got 3rd in condition & turn out junior ridden, 3rd lead rein any breed & 1st registered M&M lead rein qualifier for Blair International Horse Trials in August. This is this 1st time we have qualifed for Blair with a lead rein. In 2012 we qualified with Wells Masterclass & in 2013 with Hools High Definition.

Hools Rising High was 1st in Small M&M Inhand, Hools High Definition 3rd & Strocherie Ennya 5th.

Foals 2014

Our foals are now arriving;

Colt Hools Prince Alfred born 30/04/2014 – Dam; Kinness Vicci by Wells Premier Sire; Wells Prince

Colt Hools Sir Arthur born 02/05/2014 – Dam; Kinness Velvet by Wells Premier Sire; Kinness Sir William

Filly Hools Beautiful born 05/06/2014 – Dam; Merkisayre Be-Bo by Kanteborg Sir Willaim Sire; Wells Highlight II

Filly Hools Eudora born 07/06/2014 – Dam; Westpark Ebony-Rose by Westpark Rising Star Sire; Hools Rising High

March 2014

Orkney Riding Club Winter Woollies Show – 2nd March 2014

For this years annual Winter Woollies Show we took 8 year old mare Strocherie Ennya & rider Eilidh also aged 8. This was Ennya’s 1st show since August 2012, as she had last year off having a filly foal Hools Eastern Rose. We had a great day.

RESERVE OVERALL IN-HAND CHAMPION, RESERVE RIDDEN CHAMPION AND OVERALL RESERVE CHAMPION :  Mountain & Moorland In-hand: 2nd, Mountain & Moorland Ridden: 5th, First Ridden/Lead Rein: 1st – Hools Shetland Pony Stud & Strocherie Ennya.

Pictured is Strocherie Ennya with rider Eilidh & Mandy Cromarty.

September 2013

Hools Rising High a 3yr old black standard Shetland pony stallion bred by Kelly Peace, Hools Shetland Pony Stud in Toab was leased to June Brown, Shoormal Stud in the West Mainland of Shetland in May 2013.

At the 100th Walls & District Show, on August 10th, the three-year-old stallion – sired by Wells Highlight II, and out of Wells Fyona – won the three-year-old colt class. He then went on to be junior champion, supreme champion, best male and best black, out of the 100 ponies entered. June had a great day with her mare with foal getting 2nd, 1st placed & champion foal, 1st placed & reserve junior champion with a 2yr old filly.

He was also first in the three-year-old class at the Cunningsburgh Show on Wednesday 14th, and enjoyed further success at the Annual Viking Shetland Pony Show on Sunday 18th August, where, against an entry of 242 ponies, he won the three-year-old colt class, junior champion, overall standard champion, and finally supreme show champion.

In his time in Shetland he attended the Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) Stallion Evaluation Scheme.

The scheme was set up in 2006 after the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society (SPS-BS) scrapped their assessment scheme leaving only a Voluntary Veterinary Examination (VVE).This left no programme in operation for selection of a stallion displaying good conformation and breed characteristics nor, perhaps more importantly, the rejection of one with bad. The PBSA set up their own Voluntary Stallion Evaluation Scheme, which in recent years, has expanded to include mares and a selection of performance tests.

The scheme requires that stallions and mares undergo two rigorous examinations. The first is the VVE currently in use within the SPS-BS. The second is by three senior Shetland pony judges selected from the SPS-BS Judges panel, who independently give evaluations on breed characteristics.

Hools Rising High is the first Orkney bred pony to attend the scheme. He did very well gaining a Silver award with 77% in the Junior section – only three per cent away from a gold award.

More info on the PBSA 

Many thanks to June and all her helpers who have done a fantastic job with Hools Rising High this season. We wish her success with her foals next year. 

Photos of Rising High courtsey of June Brown.

August 2013

OAS County Show 2013 Results - Judge - Mr S Randall

Merkisayre Poppy mare – 1st mare with foal

Hools Janet filly foal – 3rd filly foal class

Hools Angelina 2yr old filly – 3rd 2yr old filly class

Hools Royal Diva 3yr old filly – 3rd 3yr old filly class

Hools Royal Revelation 2yr old colt – 2nd 1 & 2yr old colt class

Wells Royal Prince Stallion – 2nd stallion class

Hools High Definition 3yr old stallion – 4th stallion class

Hools High Definition 3yr old Colt

East Mainland Agricultural Show 2013 Results - Judge - Mr Brian Hunter

Hools Vicci

Hools Vicci 2yr old filly – Junior Champion & Resevre Overall Champion, 1st 2yr old class

Hools Angelina 2yr old filly – 2nd 2yr old class

Hools High Definition 3yr old stallion – 1st 3yr old class

Kinness Velvet 4yr old mare – 2nd yeld mare class

Merkisayre Poppy mare – 2nd mare with foal

Merkisayre Be-Bo mare – 3rd mare with foal

Hools Janet filly foal – 2nd filly foal class

Hools Contender colt foal – 2nd colt foal class

Wells Royal Prince stallion – 2nd stallion class

Hools Vicci with handler Elin Sinclair – 1st young handler class

Kinness Velvet with handler Orla Tait – 2nd young handler class

Well done to Elin & Orla who did a super job!

June 2013

Orkney Riding Club Show 8th June

Hools High Defintion at Blair Castle

Hools High Defintion, 3yr old Stallion  – 1st M&M Small Breeds – Quailified for NPS In-hand M&M Championship at Blair Horse Trials.

Foals 2013

Colt Hools Voyager born 12/05/2013 – Dam; Wells Vicci by Wells Final Command Sire; Wells Discovery

Filly Hools Royal Perfection born 19/05/2013 – Dam; Wells Perrier by Wells Royal Command Sire; Hools Rising High

Filly Hools Eastern Rose born 21/05/2013 – Dam; Strocherie Ennya by Wells Major Sire; Wells Masterclass

Colt Hools Star Hunter born 23/05/2013 – Dam; Hartside Jessica by Pilot of Marshwood Sire; Hools Rising High

Filly Hools Janet born 02/06/2013 – Dam; Merkisayre Poppy by Kanteborgs Sir William Sire; Wells Masterclass

Colt Hools Contender born 28/06/2013 – Dam; Merkisayre Be-Bo by Kanteborg Sir William Sire; Hools Rising High

April 2013

Successful month at Hools Shetland Pony Stud, Hools High Definition & Hools Rising High both passed their Stallion Assesments. Born in 2010, these boys are among some of my first home bred ponies since taking over the stud from my Grandmother. As well as being used for breeding, both stallions have already been backed with the intention of performing in first ridden classes. More info can be found on Stallion page.

Our firsts foals should hopefully be arriving at the start of May check back for updates…..

March 2013

Orkney Riding Club Winter Woollies Show – 3rd March 2013

RESERVE OVERALL IN-HAND CHAMPION : Hools Shetland Pony Stud & Hools Major High

Class 2: Mountain & Moorland – In-Hand: 1st Hools Shetland Pony Stud & Hools Major High

Class 1: Youngstock: 2nd Hools Shetland Pony Stud & Hools High Definition

January 2013

The wind & rain finally stopped & the snow arrived, pictured below is Hools Angelina, Hools Ann & Wells Perrier; Picture courtesy of Alfie Stanger
The snow disappeared and the rain came back, so we decided to back our rising 3 year old colts, Hools Major High - Sire; Wells Highlight II Dam; Strocherie Ennya