Orkney Agricultural Society County show is held on the 2nd Saturday of August every year. Below is a History of the Shetland Pony Champion, (Pony Owner) & (Place in Overall Horse Championship) of the show since 1958.

Hools not exhibiting in years marked with a * 

Year, Judge, Overall Champion, Reserve Champion, Junior Champion

YearJudgeOverall Shetland Champion (Owner)Reserve Shetland Champion (Owner)Junior Champion (Owner)
2023Miss E HeadleyMillquoy Jade - 12yr old Brood Mare (Millquoy)Robin's Brae Starlight - 9yr old Mini Stallion (A Mclennan)

Hool Je t'aime - 1yr old Filly (Hools)

2022Mr D Macarthur

Hools Janet - 9yr old Brood Mare (Hools)(Supreme)

Hool Miss Jura - 3yr old Filly (Hools)

Hool Miss Jura - 3yr old Filly (Hools)

2019 *Mr H SleighBayview Ideal - 6yr old Stallion (Bayview)Millquoy ? (Millquoy)Millquoy Jedi - 1yr old Colt (Millquoy)
2018Mr I SpenceMillquoy Danielle - 10yr old Mare (Millquoy)Bayview Tullip - 11yr old Mare with Foal (Bayview)

Hools Miss Jutland - 2yr old Filly (Hools)

2017Miss S DunnettMillquoy Danielle - 9yr old Mare (Millquoy)?Millquoy Daybreak - 3yr old Filly (Millquoy)
2016Mrs D GriffithsMillquoy Jade - 5yr old Mare (Millquoy)

Hools Janet - 3yr old Filly (Hools)

Hools Janet - 3yr old Filly (Hools)

2015Mr K Adam

Wells Reliance - 7yr old Stallion (Hools) (Supreme)

Hools Janet - 2yr old Filly (Hools)

Hools Janet - 2yr old Filly (Hools)

2014Mr K ScottLyradale Jasmine - 3yr old Filly (Wishart)(Reserve)Milquoy Destiny - 2yr old Filly (Millquoy)Lyradale Jasmine - 3yr old Filly (Wishart)
2013Mr S RandallBayview Tess - 5yr old Mare (Bayview)(Supreme)Millquoy Drummer Boy - 4yr old Stallion (Millquoy)
2012Mr J Swan

Wells Masterclass - 10yr old Stallion (Hools)

Millquoy Danielle - 5yr old Mare (Millquoy)
2011Mrs J BellMillquoy Dancing Queen - 3yr old Filly (Millquoy)(Supreme)Millquoy Danielle - 4yr old Mare (Millquoy)
2010Miss I SpenceBayview Tulip - 3yr old Filly (Bayview)(Reserve)Milquoy Dancing Queen - 2yr old Filly (Millquoy)
2009Millquoy Drummies Dawn - 7yr old Mare (Millquoy)Millquoy Danielle - 2yr old Filly (Millquoy)
2008Mr D MacarthurBayview First Class - 10yr old Mare (Bayview)(Reserve)Rashieburn Lady - 3yr old Filly (H Firth)
2007Mr K AdamMillquoy Drummies Dawn - 5yr old Mare (Millquoy)(Supreme)Bayview First Class - 9yr old Mare (Bayview)
2006Millquoy Drummies Dawn - 4yr old Mare (Millquoy)(Reserve)Struie Cindy II - 6yr old Mare (H Firth)
2005Mr S MacarthurMillquoy Drummies Dawn - 3yr old Filly (Millquoy)Yarpha Vera - 4yr old Filly (Yarpha)
2004Miss S DunnetBayview First Class - 6yr old Mare (Bayview)(Reserve)Yarpha Vera - 3yr old Filly (Yarpha)
2003Mr D MacarthurBayview First Class - 5yr old Mare (Bayview)(Supreme)Millquoy Drummies Dawn - 1yr old Filly (Millquoy)
2002Mrs J BarryStow Drummer Girl - 14yr old Mare (Millquoy)(Supreme)Jubilation of Cumliebank - 6yr old Mare (Cumliebank)
2001Bayview First Class - 3yr old Mare (Bayview)
2000Mr P FoubisterCumliebank Jupiter - 3yr old Stallion (Bayview)Bayview First Class - 2yr old filly (Bayview)
1999 *Mr A HowieStow Drummer Girl - 11yr old Mare (Millquoy)(Supreme)Stow Victorious 8yr old Stallion (Bayview)
1998 *Stow Drummer Girl - 10yr old Mare (Millquoy)Drum Vevlet - 4yr old Mare (E.A.D Leonard)
1997Miss E SmithStow Drummer Girl - 9yr old Mare (Millquoy)Jubilee of Cumliebank - 12yr old Mare (Cumliebank)
1996 *Mr S MacarthurEilidh of Vishabreck - 3yr old Filly (Vishabreck)Drum Vevlet - 2yr old Filly (E.A.D Leonard)
1995 *Mr G MilneFlicker of Sebay - 3yr old Filly (Sebay) (Reserve)Serendepity of Hawkhill - 4yr old Mare (Bayview)
1994 *Eileen of Sebay - 2yr old Filly (Sebay) (Supreme Horse)Charisma of Cumliebank - 2yr old Filly
1993 *Mr R NicolsonBounce of Burnside - 6yr old Stallion (Laddyll)Jingle of Milton - 19 yr old Mare (Flett, Cumliebank)
1992 *Mrs L BurgessJingle of Milton - 18yr old Mare (Cumliebank)(Reserve Supreme)2 month old colt foal Jacob of Cumliebank
1991Mr H SleighFiona of Sebay - 5yr old Mare (Ballie, Sebay)(Supreme)Wells Plato - 13yr old Stallion (JW Slater, Yarpha)
1990Mr D BurnettCorinna of Montague - 14yr old Mare (Cumliebank)Freda of Sebay - 1yr old Filly (Sebay)
1989Westray of Drum - 13yr old Stallion (Cumliebank)(Reserve Supreme)Fiona of Sebay - Mare (Sebay)
1988 *Mr T A BurgessFiona of Sebay - 2yr old Filly (Ballie, Sebay)Westray of Drum - 12yr old Stallion (Cumliebank)
1987 *Mr G MilneWestray of Drum - 11yr old Stallion (Flett, Cumliebank)Jennifer of Cummliebank - 5 yr old Mare (Cumliebank)
1986 *Ena of Milton - 13yr old Mare (Flett, Cumliebank)Jubilee of Cumliebank - 1yr old Filly (Cumliebank)
1985Edward of Cullerne - 12yr old Stallion (Scapa)(Supreme Horse)Westray of Drum - 9yr old Stallion (Cumliebank)
1984Westray of Drum - 8yr old Stallion (Flett, Cumliebank)Cullerne Edward - 11yr old Stallion (Jamieson, Scapa)
1983Highfield Leader - 14yr old stallion (Ballie, Sebay)Jingle of Milton (Flett, Cumliebank)
1982Mr A W FraserHighfield Leader 14yr old Stallion (Ballie, Sebay)Scapa Nell - 9yr old Mare (Scapa)

Joey of Hools - 4yr old Mare (Hools)

Scapa Nell - 8yr old Mare (Scapa)
1980(Ballie, Sebay)J Slater Yarpha

Janey of Hools 10yr old Mare (Hools) (Supreme)

Highfield Leader - 9yr old stallion (Ballie, Sebay)
1978Scapa Nell - 5yr old Mare (Jamieson, Scapa)(Reserve Supreme)May of Sebay - 8yr old Mare (Ballie, Sebay)
1977Highfield Ledger - 9yr old Stallion (Ballie, Sebay)(Supreme Horse)Stallion (JW Slater, Yarpha)
1976Topper of Berry 15yr old Stallion - Stallion (JW Slater, Yarpha)

Juno of Hools - 5yr old Mare (Hools)

1975Mr E C Ormiston

Janey of Hools 6yr old Mare (Hools) (Resevre Supreme)

Myra of Sebay Yeld Mare (Ballie, Sebay)
1974Mr W IrvineRoy of North Wells 7yr old Stallion(Taylor, Northfield) (Supreme horse)

Janey of Hools 5yr old Mare (Hools)

1973 *Miss J ParkKaren of Sebay - 5yr old Mare (Sebay)(Supreme Horse)Gipsy of Lynn - 4yr old Mare (Lynn)
1972Mr K L Adam

Juno of Hools - 2yr old Fily (Hools) (Reserve Supreme)

Gipsy of Lynn - 3yr old Mare (Lynn)
1971Mr C AitkenheadMay of Lynn - 12yr old Mare (Ballie, Sebay)May of Sebay - 3yr old Mare (Ballie, Sebay)
1970Mr H P Sleigh

Janet of Marshwood - 11yr old Mare (Hools) (Supreme Horse)

Nancy of Mousa (Haybrake)
1969Mr Barnet Covitz

Janet of Marshwood - 10yr old Mare (Hools) (Supreme Horse)

Wells Redboy - 5yr old Stallion (Harvey, Quoydandy)
1968Mr P T FoubisterLakehead Snowman - 14 yr old Stallion (Berridale)(Supreme Horse)

Toots of Hools - 3yr old Filly (Hools)


Spaniard of Marshwood - 21yr old Stallion(Hools) (Reserve Supreme horse)

Ces of Haybrake - Filly Foal (Haybrake)
1966Braes of Greenock - mare (R Johnston, Trummland)

Spaniard of Marshwood - 20yr old Stallion (Hools) (Supreme Horse)

Florin - 10yr old Stallion (Hools)

1964Trigger of Marshwood - 15yr old stallion ( Watston, Lynn)

Janet of Marshwood - 7yr old Mare (Hools)


Spaniard of Marshwood - 17 yr old Stallion (Hools)

Superior of Marshwood - 9yr old Stallion (Lynn)
1962Superior of Marshwood - 8yr old Stallion (Watston, Lynn)yeld mare
19614yr old Mare (Watston, Lynn)Slater Yarpha
1960 *(Harvey, Quoydandy)L Leslie Queen St
1959(Mrs Dolby,Trumland Rousay)Sebay
1958Slacks Black Magic - 2yr old (Ballie, Sebay)Harvey Quoydandy

Total Winners from 1958 to 2022

Hools – 12 Champion Shetland, 8 Reserve Champion Shetland, 6 Supreme Horse, 3 Reserve Supreme Horse